Glenallachie Distillery

The Home of Clan Campbell

Glenallachie is considered to be one of the younger distilleries in Scotland. It was built in Banffshire, Speyside, in 1967 by Mackinlay McPherson Ltd. as part of the Scottisch & Newcastle Breweries. In 1985 the Invergordon Distillers Group bought the distillery, together with the Isle of Jura distillery. After only two years they decided to close the whole thing and that’s when Campbell Distillers, part of Pernod Ricard, stepped in. They believed – and still do – in the potential Glenallachie has to offer and made it a member of their Chivas Regal department. Aberlour and Glenlivet are also part of that unit. They raised the number of stills from two to four and altered the production process. Mashing is now done in a semi-lauter tun and six washbacks, all made of stainless steel. Instead of using the more traditional vertical tubes, they choose horizontal ones. The wash stills look like lanterns and the spirit stills like onions.
Even though this distillery is not as famous as other ones, they are capable of producing 2.800.00 liters every year. This lands them a spot in the top 30 of whisky distilleries in Scotland. Yet some sources tell us that they are not producing at full capacity. On an annual basis less than two million liters of whisky is being sold.

The whisky that Glenallachie produces is used for the house blends of Chivas Regal: Clan Campbell, 100 Pipers, Highland Clan, Queen Anne and Chivas Regal itself. There were three official bottlings the last couple of years, like a 12 year old whisky from 1980 and a 16 year old whisky from 1989 that they released in 2005.
Finding a single malt from this brand is very rare because they used to be produced by independent bottlers. The Malt Maniacs started their search for Glenallachie single malts ten years ago and found 36 independent bottling, mostly executed by Signatory Vintage. This means that their single malts do exist but that they are rather an exception. The reason for that is simple because the distillery was founded to produce industrial malt whisky. Until today Glenallachie whiskies are an important substance of famous blends such as Glen Campbel and House of Lords.

You can find more information here.


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