The Green Man

The city of Ostend has a whisky café as from February 2013. It is called “The Green Man” and is meant to make contacts in the world of whisky but also to make some publicity for the tourism in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
Guests can choose out of a wide selection of 350 whiskies varying from official to independent bottlers and older and newer bottlings. For the people wanting to bring their whisky loving husband/wife, father/mother, boyfriend/girlfriend home safe, they also have a selection of special tea’s to offer you. Make sure to pay them a visit when you’re in the neighborhood around Saint Patrick’s day. They are offering a real Irish breakfast and will be opening 20 Irish whiskeys (Cooley, Connemara, Bushmills, Kilbeggan, …) for this joyous occasion.

For more information you can have a look on their website and on their Facebook page.
The Green Man: Koningstraat 64, 8400 Oostende


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