Auchroisk distillery

AuchroiskThe Auchroisk distillery in Banffshire (Speyside) is one of the youngest in Scotland. It was founded in 1974 and their first single malt appeared in 1978. Official bottlings exist since 1986 under the name “The Singleton”, probably because Auchroisk was too much of a tongue twister for the average scot. In 2001 they decided to use their own name Auchroisk. Nowadays Diageo uses the Singleton name for different malts on three international markets: Dufftown in Europe, Glendullan in the US and Glen Ord in Asia. Auchroisk is gaelic for “shallow ford across the red stream” referring to the Mulben Burn which is near to the distillery.

The distillery is the fourth one to be built by Justerini & Brooks. At the time they also owned Glen Spey, Knockando and Strathmill. They bought the property when they discovered Dorie’s Well. The architecture is quite remarkable for a distillery because it has futuristic aspects. The steam machine in their offices used to be part of the Strathmill distillery.

Originally Auchroisk whisky was used for blends only. Even though their single malt has a lot of success, over 90% of production is being used in J&B blends. The brand lost its fame when they lost the Singleton name to Diageo.

Good to know: apparently the motto of the official distillery bottlings is “drink quickly” because once the bottle is opened; the cork dries out and breaks easily. This is off course not the case for independent bottlings.


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