Photoreport: Jameson Experience Midleton

At the end of June we went to the Jameson Experience in Midleton. Since the new distillery wasn’t available for visits, we visited the old distillery site. The tour was very nice and at the end there was a chance for eight persons to try and distinguish three types of whisky: a bourbon, an Irish whiskey and a Scottish whisky. Afterwards we got offered a free drink. Instead of a dram of Jameson we could also chose a cocktail consisting of Jameson, ginger ale and lime. Slainte!

IMG_5809-1 IMG_5811-2 IMG_5812-3 IMG_5815-4 IMG_5816-5 IMG_5820-6 IMG_5822-7 IMG_5823-8 IMG_5829-9 IMG_5831-10 IMG_5833-11 IMG_5834-12 IMG_5839-13 IMG_5841-14 IMG_5842-15 IMG_5843-16 IMG_5847-17


IMG_5875-22 IMG_5873-21

IMG_5881-25 IMG_5876-23 IMG_5868-20





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