Early Christmas for Mortlach fans

Oct11-Mortlach16FF-2Recently Diageo decided to double the capacity of the Mortlach distillery. They built an entire new distillery and will now launch a new series of Mortlach single malts. This is a big step in the relaunching of the company’s single malts since The Singletons eight years ago. Diageo is trying to restore the spirit character as closely as possible.
Four new varieties of Mortlach will come out in the summer of 2014 in Asia, the US and Western Europe. There will be a Rare Old (43,4%), Special Strength (49%) and a 18 year old (43,4%) and 15 year old (43,4%) single malt. People who had the honor of tasting one of the new Mortlach single malts say that the whisky has a very different taste than the other Mortlachs. Apparently they have a hint of tropical fruits, green apple, milk chocolate, vanilla ice cream and pecan nuts which make the whisky more elegant. Details on the price will follow later on but as we read on different news sites, the series will be affordable.


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