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TN whiskey trail

The Tennessee Whiskey Trail takes you across the 11 distilleries in the state and the history of moonshine and spirit. It all started when the government shot down legal distilleries. Moonshiners saw their chance to make some money out of their activities. Unfortunately, they could not follow the demand and distilled their products with paint thinner, kerosene and bleach. This blinded and killed their customers. It went as far as good moonshiners asking the courts to recognize their products and forbid the “rotgut ‘shine”. Luckily today, such issues are no longer the case. But legitimate, unaged spirits can be fun to explore. That is what the Tennessee Whiskey Trail wants to do. It will take you to all kinds of distilleries, some newly opened and others with a long rich-distilling tradition. You have Ole Smoky, George Dickel, Corsair, Green Brier Distillery and of course … Jack Daniel’s.

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